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Carolyn Hanson Mayer

Graphic Design & Illustration, Writing

May, 2009

Welcome & Greetings! On this website is information about my Graphic Design and Illustration Products & Services.  Included are links for and information about my Online Stores

bulletWhat's New - on this website and regarding my business.  Be sure also to see the blog just below.
bulletAbout My CafePress Stores - Music Merchandise a specialty. Visit CHM Design Store - Music Stuff & More  
bulletMy Spreadshirt Store - Visit CHM Music Stuff - find black and other dark apparel and merchandise here, and more
bulletMy Zazzle Store - Music Stuff & More @ Zazzle
bullet The Once-Upon-a-Time Weekly Wazzup - Indulging and enjoying myself here, and I hope you are, too.  (Rather Retro at this point, especially the newsy stuff.)
bullet The Weekly Wazzup TOC

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Wazzup CHM Biz Blog   Click on the "silver" button to get to this general Blog which will be summarizing the store and website news just below (see "What's New" on this Page), as well as what's up on the Wazzup Page.  The blog is likely to be updated more quickly and frequently than this website.  Check it out.  Yes, the blog feed embedded is out of date - this will be fixed in the coming week.  Probably something due to Google's upgrading its Blogger or Feedburner making changes I wasn't aware of screwed things up.  I just noticed!  (My bad.)  Do visit the blog regardless, although it is under construction right now (that Google Blogger upgrade business...).

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What's New[as of 8/4/2008] <------  the development of a new version of this site (okay, yes, it's taking forever...) - be sure to check my blogs, please.  (See the button above for access to the CHM Biz News Blog, also http://wazzup-chm.blogspot.com)

bulletNEW on this Website...
bulletSPECIAL NOTE! That I have Adobe/Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 now (Fie on Microsoft FrontPage!) and have started work on a new website for this same URL.  At the same time, this website will continue to be up and running at this same URL.  I continue to add the "Bad Music Joke of the Week"  - see link on the Wazzup Page, or go directly to the Music Humor Page.   You may also occasionally see other items of interest added here during the construction of the new site. 
bulletThe Blog buttons will continue to be current, as well as most of the links.  <-----------
bulletThe blog button - the "silver" one above, plus others you see around this website are still valid and active.
bulletI unlinked the Groovy Ladies Page - at least for now - and have been removing links throughout this website - and elsewhere - to its related now-defunct store "For Women Old Enough to Know Better"
bulletCafePress Store News
bulletAs always, keep an eye on Sales & Features.  Look for Popular Products sales and features.  And, stuff for Holidays.  And the "NEW NEW NEW" section (new graphics and new merchandise).
bulletThe Premium Store "For Women Old Enough to Know Better" has been closed.  The Groovy Ladies have retired.  The Groovy Lady Blog still exists - its future is undecided for now.  The store was doing fine - paying its way, successful, and all - but I think it's easier for my customers and for me if all my merchandise is under one store roof (so to speak).  I know it's better for me.  The graphics and merch you know and love will still be found in Music Stuff & More at both CafePress and Zazzle.
bulletIntroducing Music Stuff & More store @ Zazzle!  Some of the music (& more) graphics you've known and loved from CafePress, but available on many other merchandise, such as key chains - and, very cool, Ked shoes.  (I'm already getting raves for my Beethoven shoes.)  This Zazzle store is also an app on my Facebook Profile, BTW.  This is a brand-new store, so there's not yet much in it, look for more RSN.
bullet  Line Artwork News (frankly, basically no news right now)
bulletLook for more new line artwork from me on this website on the Line Artwork Page after I get caught up with my store development - and clients.  Added 3/24/07: Which won't be happening anytime soon, frankly, since I'm not even close to being all caught up with either store development or client work!  I will make it known - here, on the general blog above, in Yahoo Groups, etc. - when there is new line artwork available.  For more information about this see  "Other Graphic Design Products & Services."

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My Premium Store @ CafePress

The CafePress products are from high-quality, name-brand manufacturers (such as Hanes) and are backed by CafePress's excellent customer service, easy return, and money-back guarantee. 

CHM Design Store - Music Stuff & More  This Store is a musician's delight - find a whole lot of music merchandise, of all kinds.  Wearables.  Stuff You Don't Wear (Stickers, Magnets, Mugs, Bags, etc).  Find music symbols, and, probably, your favorite musical instrument here.  One of the biggest sellers of bass clef merchandise online.  Go ahead - Google me: bass clef merchandise or bass clef shirts. 

Find black and other dark T-Shirts with music graphics here.

 "& More" means Holidays, Christian Crosses, Nerd & Geek Goods (and Sudoku), Peace Symbols; California, OC & HB, "714" & Granny Gull...  Whatever I come up with.  A misc.  That which is other than and addition to Music Stuff.)

* * *

Need help with any of my CafePress Stores?  Do you have any questions?  Contact Me by E-Mail 


My Spreadshirt Store - CHM Music Stuff  Find colors not available in my CafePress stores, such as black and other dark colors and graphics in white, silver, gold, and flock.

Need help with my Spreadshirt Store?  Do you have any questions?   Contact Me by E-Mail

Other Graphic Design Products & Services...*

Services Offered: Personalized & Customized Design and Illustration Services using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, drawing (pencil, ink) and acrylic painting. 

Examples of what I can do for you: decorative lettering, borders, flyers, logos, stickers, T-shirts, book jacket/cover designs, advertisements (including Web banners and ads), label design, packaging design, Web and computer graphics, greeting cards, coupons - all kinds of print and computer/Web graphic design and graphic art.  Add to that, editing and writing.  I've also done work for several other CafePress shop owners (look for links to these shops soon).  Check out my own CHM Design Store. 

Contact Me by E-Mail for further information.

*As to the graphic design work above, I am on hiatus this year in regard to both graphic design and graphic art generally, as well as custom machine embroidery artwork, although I may do some work for previous clients.  In 2007 [and 2008] my business focus will be on the retail side of my business. See more about this on the Line Artwork Page - see the "News" section.  I do 2 pt. outline artwork (line art) for clients and for sale.  I've had a lot of experience in creating line artwork from photos (such as clients' photos). Contact Me by E-Mail  Look for a portfolio page of work done for clients, soon as I can get to it.

Do you want to know more about me and what design work I can do for you?   Contact Me by E-Mail,  Also read About Me...


About Me...

See also CHM Design Store

What I've done and can do:
bulletGraphic Design & Illustration
bulletGolden West College Career Certificate in Visual Communication - Graphic Design & Production, 2002
bulletGraphic Design & Illustration work for local businesses, plus a variety of online clients.
bulletCafePress Shopkeeper - visit my online store and see my graphics.
bulletSelling Line Artwork, which can be used for machine embroidery, on my website and others' websites, as well as doing this line artwork made-to-order for individual clients.
bulletGraphic Software (and related)
bulletAdobe Illustrator
bulletAdobe Photoshop
bulletQuark XPress
bulletPaint Shop Pro
bulletEye Candy
bulletMicrosoft FrontPage
bulletMicrosoft Word
bulletMicrosoft Publisher
bulletWriting, Publishing & Editing
bulletPublished Writer and Former College and private English and Journalism Tutor
bulletReporter and Reviewer for a newspaper, as well as Internet media (CompuServe - when it was in its Golden Years - pre-AOL and Web.)
bulletQuark Xpress & Desktop Publishing
bulletPhotography, also Adobe Photoshop
bulletGraduate Robert Morse Business College (formerly Moser Secretarial School)
bulletCompuServe Music Forum Home Page Design, Creation, Graphics, and Maintenance from 1996 - 2000
bulletCompuServe Music Forum Administration, Content Provider & Librarian from 1993 - 2000
bulletBuilt and maintain this modest website/web domain myself.  Been doing E-Mail since 1990.  Set up my CafePress Online Stores (see links above).
bulletFamiliar with HTML, have worked with .ASP, as well as Java scripts and Flash
bulletHave created many animated .GIFs
bulletFormer Music Educator (Synthesizer, Music Theory tutor, as well as Piano Teacher)
bulletFormer CompuServe Music Forum Administrator and Section Leader ("Learning to Play"/"Making Music" and more)
bulletPlay some keyboards, guitar, am well-acquainted with music theory, and familiar with MIDI.  Familiar with musical performance of all kinds, as well as the instruments and literature used
bulletFormer Band Mom (My son was a drum major and is now a professional musician.), also School Piano Concert Performer (weekly - for the kindergarteners and first-graders)
bulletSee my music-related work in my "Web" category just above
bulletReporter/reviewer for several years at the NAMM (music merchants) big annual convention



 (Formerly, The Weekly Wazzup) - The more personal and casual side of this website.  The Wazzup Page Table of Contents  Good, but, yes, looong right now.

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